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Mission & "The Ask"

We are equipping the future leaders of tomorrow with the resources, network and mentorship they need to grow as individuals and make an impact in the world through entrepreneurship.

This includes the 'NEXT Impact Experience' where we are sending 3-4 future Maverick entrepreneurs to Necker Island to mastermind and network with dozens of multimillionaire entrepreneurs in the Maverick1000 network.

However, to make this a reality we would like to make the "ask" to help send impact-driven young entrepreneurs to Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island, Necker,  to accelerate their journey and give them the opportunity to achieve their vision and level-up the impact they would create!

How Can You Help?

We are asking the Maverick entrepreneurs, givers and change-makers in our network to make a contribution to help bring more young entrepreneurs to Necker Island, and have them join our mentoring program, Maverick NEXT.

There are three levels of support for permanently changing the lives of these exceptional young entrepreneurs.


2 Lives & Attend

Fund two scholarships, attend the Maverick NEXT Impact Experience and transform 2 lives.

  • Fully fund 2 scholarships for exceptional young entrepreneurs to be mentored by world-class entrepreneurs for 12 months.
  • 1 Ticket to attend the Maverick NEXT Impact Experience (March 2024), with a day on Necker Island.
  • Option to purchase two additional tickets to attend the Maverick NEXT Impact Experience (at a $1,000 discount per ticket).
  • Meet the winners in person and network with high level industry leaders on Necker.
  • Vote on who you believe to be the most deserving recipient of a scholarship place.


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1 Life

Fully fund one scholarship and transform a life.

  • Fully fund 1 scholarship for an exceptional young entrepreneur to be mentored by world-class entrepreneurs for 12 months.
  • Receive the footage from the Impact Experience for your use on social media, and the opportunity to contact all applicants via email (if desired).
  • Option to purchase two additional tickets to attend the Maverick NEXT Impact Experience (at a $1,000 discount per ticket).
  • Vote on who you believe to be the most deserving recipient of a scholarship place.


Help Transform A Life

Become a contributing sponsor for the Maverick NEXT Impact Scholarship and help transform a life.

  • Partially fund a scholarship for an exceptional young entrepreneur to be mentored by world-class entrepreneurs for 12 months.
  • Vote on who you believe to be the most deserving recipient of a scholarship place.



The top 6 winners will be invited to an exclusive day-long Impact Experience on Necker Island hosted by multimillionaire entrepreneurs and with Sir Richard Branson in attendance. March 14-17, 2024.

Impact Award Winners Will Be Awarded...

  • 3-night stay in the British Virgin Islands attended by industry-defining entrepreneurs, founders and investors.
  • 12 months membership to Maverick NEXT, a community of young, highly driven and successful entrepreneurs under 30.
  • Mentorship sessions with multimillionaire, industry-leading entrepreneurs, and investors.

Past Maverick Members You Might Meet Include:

  • Strategist who rolled up 24 call centers, driving employee turnover down  from 200% to 18%; profit from 4% to 21%; and selling the company for 14x earnings.
  • Investor with 70+ people who manage his own money making unique bets now into investments for higher consciousness of the world and greater impact.
  • Founder of one of the largest health & wellness direct to customer companies that usually flies under the radar except for those in the know.
  • Luxury villa rental company owner who has dramatically integrated impact into their entire business model for increased customer satisfaction and meaning.
  • Visionary behind one of the most iconic franchises started with one truck and now continuing to disrupt the $100 billion-a-year home services industry with two more brands.

Get recognised...

Maverick NEXT Impact Award Winner Vilde Regine Tellnes Solheim talking about her company and experience of being an award winner on National TV in Norway...

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"What sets Maverick apart is definitely its focus on not only success but also impact, happiness, health, and peace while building a company. This isn't just about being successful; it's about participating in entrepreneurship in a balanced, fulfilling way.

The unique composition of the mastermind, with everyone being highly successful and around the same age, plays a crucial role in creating strong connections. I think this shared experience and understanding are some of the reasons we've been able to create such strong bonds, bonds that I see lasting a lifetime.

Being a part of this mastermind has given me everything I could ask for, and more. The selection for the mastermind is extremely tight, ensuring that everyone involved is not just successful, but also insightful, inspiring, and enjoyable to be around. This vibrant group of young, impact-driven entrepreneurs has provided not only an opportunity for professional growth but also personal development and lifelong friendships."

Jester Schilder,
Serial entrepreneur who has helped charities and non-profit organizations raise hundreds of millions in funding and sponsorships

"My first meeting with the community was with Richard Branson and all these industry leaders from whom I drew immense inspiration and they taught me so much. Here, it's not just talk, it's action; we do stuff, we get things done. For instance, when I expressed my desire to write a book, they didn't just nod in approval, but the very next week they helped me set up meetings with several New York Times bestselling authors.

What's astounding is the realization of how much further we can propel ourselves when we're surrounded by like-minded individuals who have either achieved great things or are fervently aspiring to do so. Being part of this community has bestowed upon me a wealth of experiences and opportunities, for which I'm profoundly grateful."

Vilde Regine Tellnes Solheim,
Founder Of HEATLHY EATS, Top 10 Sustainability Leader In Norway

"Joining Maverick Next has been probably the best decision of my life in terms of my entrepreneurial growth, and just surrounding myself with other very successful entrepreneurs. The mentoring and advice I've gotten from entrepreneurs in the Maverick network has been worth far more than my four years at Wharton Business school.

A turning point occurred after speaking with several Maverick entrepreneurs who were very, very successful. Surprisingly, all of them told me to do exactly the opposite of what I was planning. That realization hit me, making me aware that doing something else, following their advice, was the right thing to do. A pivotal moment happened during a NEXT hot seat, where I got an idea of a completely different offer for my business.

That new offer has since taken off, completely blowing my mind in terms of how much opportunity there was in that market. We’ve seen more than a 10x growth in our existing business off the back of that one insight alone."

Marko Lamza,

CEO Of Pinnacle Of Man, Helped Over 10 Million People To Improve Their Relationships

"Maverick is one of the rarest of entrepreneurial masterminds - it’s not only filled with successful, ambitious entrepreneurs but also those who are genuinely good hearted, kind people working to impact the world positively. It has been an absolute privilege to be part of the Maverick community, and I couldn’t imagine how I would have navigated the challenges (and successes!) of the entrepreneurial journey without the people I’ve met at Maverick."

- Jess Chan, Founder & CEO at Longplay

"The experience has completely changed my life and connected me with some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am humbled by the people I am now surrounded with and the billions of lives that will be impacted by your own creation and your facilitation."

- Zion Kim, Tech Entrepreneur

"Meeting other young like minded entrepreneurs on the same page that want to go big in life that created awesome accountability and pushed the edges of what I thought was possible for me, my leadership and m business. The Maverick community is full of inspiring social entrepreneurs and mentors that are playing big and are inspiring to be around. Every time I went to a Maverick event I left with new friends, world class memories, a new perspective on what I thought were my biggest challenges, AND an overall excitement and energy to go tackle them."

- Chandler Perog, COO of Momentum Dashboard

Participating Partners Include


Next Gen HQ is a community of the top next gen leaders and entrepreneurs, who are exploring passions, starting companies, and reaching their fullest potential.

1000 SUNS Project

A movement of industry leaders, businesses and entrepreneurs ready to impact, illuminate and light 1000 SUNS to radically change the world.

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